Colorpaper 2.0 medium / 4 pieces


Colorpaper 2.0 / 4 pieces

300 colorpapers per pack 

Length:  20 cm

Width:    14 cm


Color Paper 2.0 medium / 4 pieces

Aluminum Replacement Color Paper

Suitable for all Freehand Technics  and Classic Highlight Technicsand now perfect for root highlights with the 2.2 / 2.2 / 2.1.

The Color Paper is not only produced in a gentler process but also the reduction for recycling is better the aluminum foil.  Through the one-sided coating a accumulation of heat is built up so that optimal color results are achieved.  A further benefit compared to the traditional Hightlight Paper:  The Daniel Golz Color Paper is larger and wider and fits super into the actual Hair Color Trends. 

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Weight 1,650 kg


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