Hair Cutting Comb 4.4 pastel pink


Hair Cutting Comb 4.4 pastel pink

Material:  Fiber reinforced plastic.

Length:  22.0 cm

Width:  2.7 cm

Seal of approval:  Made in Germany

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Hair Cutting Comb 4.4 pastel pink

Caution this Tail Comb absorbs dark hair colors.

Chopped Sections:  The sections is on both sides available.

Cm-ruler:  The worked in Cm marking makes it possible to reach an exact measurement for one or more centimeters for cutting hair.  

Finger-grip:  The finger inlet for a better hold while working.  Less strain on the wrist,

Fine & Large comb surface:  The teeth taper from the base to the tip from 3mm of 1mm.

Perfect for the transition with mens haircut.

The Hair Cutting Comb 4.2 from Daniel Golz is an indispensable tool for creative work in the Salon.


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